Sunday, October 30, 2011

Warm Hot Chocolate in this Cold Weather!

Deliciousness in a warm cup
With rain all over the country, one can't but want a warm cup of tea, coffee or in my case hot chocolate! Tea and instant coffee mixes can sure provide you with a low calorie warm drink if prepared right, but I was craving some delicious cocoa and there's no better idea than to make a hot cup of chocolate! Better yet, there is no better news than the fact that cocoa is indeed a great source of antioxidants. Some cocoa powders - like natural ones from Nestle or Hershey's for example - have more antioxidants than others - Dutch processed cocoa - due to the different processing techniques that could reduce the polyphenolic compounds such as flavonoids. Nevertheless, unsweetened cocoa dry powder is the cocoa type to choose. Try to go for organic ones, I prefer those to be honest!

Preparation is simple and quick! Just mix 3 tbsp of milk (I usually go for almond or rice milk and not animal-source milk - so this is great if you're a vegetarian or vegan), 1 tbsp of unsweetened cocoa powder and 1 tsp of sugar (or agave if you are vegan) in a warm cup of water! This way, you'll end up with a rich warm cup of hot chocolate, enough to provide you with calcium, proteins and antioxidants all in around 100 calories! Now, for some, it's a big deal to switch to nut/rice milk, but, hey, you will be cutting off at least 100 calories and lots of cholesterol and saturated fats!

Keep in mind to lay low on those marshmallows, biscuits and cream that could lurk around your hot chocolate. Either way, when you're craving a sweet chocolate taste, hot chocolate made with skim milk and unsweetened cocoa powder is a healthier sweet source than a commercial chocolate bar.


  1. Miammmy!! i never get this idea ma3 2eno we always have cocoa! Another quest. paty, how much is there calories in nescafe quick mixes like mocca and vanilla??

  2. I want me a warm hot chocolate now !

  3. Nescafe cappucino has 60 cals
    Nescafe 2 in 1 has 60 cals
    Nescafe 3 in 1 strong has 96 cals
    Nescafe mocha has 77 cals
    Nescafe Latte has 90 cals
    Nescafe vanilla has 82 cals.
    However, as low cal as they seem to be, they are often made with creamers made from hydrogenated fat oils which is another name for trans fats that are best avoided in your diet.

    And aniiis yalla ill be making some in a bit:D

  4. I tried it with vanilla soy, it turned out real good

  5. yea the soy milk is a great idea, u ll get to really cut down on your saturated fats and cholesterol. The rice milk is good too, it's naturally sweet so you can skip the sugar as well. And unsweetened cocoa is just 12 cals per tablespoon which is perfect to add!

  6. Great timing for your post!
    I just had made myself a hot chocolate with a spoonful of honey, because I was feeling my throat sore, before I visited your blog! It was a pleasure tasting the hot chocolate and reading about it at the same time :)