Monday, October 17, 2011

Move More, Sit Less

Start from the bottom of this exercise pyramid and adapt an active lifestyle!
  • Be as active as possible everyday: Park your car far and walk/bicycle to work, take the stairs instead of elevators, walk to buy your groceries and wash your car or your pet!
  • Enhance your activity by choosing other activities of the pyramid. It's not enough to just have an active lifestyle; in fact, it is best to choose structural aerobic and recreational activities that you enjoy and that would increase your heartbeat such as biking, swimming, basket ball, jogging, the list goes on! Exercise at least 3-5 times a week and as a start, 20 minutes will do. However, increase your exercise duration gradually to reach a steady habit of 50-60 minutes per day!
  • Have strength, flexibility and leisure activities twice a week to increase your muscle mass, improve your muscular strength and increase your endurance! Muscles have the ability to help in regulating your blood sugar level (believe it or not) and to burn fat at rest so the more muscles you have, the more you will burn!
  • Last, try to cut down on your sedentary time. Spend less time watching TV, playing computer games and surfing the net (so get up after reading this and move it!). It might be challenging, but sure worth it.

Most of activity pyramids out there are for kids; however, exercise is as important for adults as it is during earlier ages, especially that with schools, universities and work, we tend to "slob" more! So, set yourself to be more active and commit to an exercise you enjoy! No need to start with an hour of sweaty exercise a day, you'll end up quitting sooner than you know it, start gradually with a 10-minute exercise and increase your exercise by around 5-10 minutes a week!


  1. Very nice post and sooooo true!
    I like the illustration.
    Unfortunately, getting addicted to the blogosphere is not recommeded :)

  2. I've been utterly lazy eversince I moved to the middle east. Time to burn calories.

    Thank you again for this helpful post. :) I like the illustration.

  3. the photo is very helpful! i like that there is a pyramid for sports