Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Run Beirut, Run for a Cause!

"The Beirut Marathon Association is a non-profit organization certified by Ministry of Youth and Sports". The aim behind the marathon is, therefore, non-profit. So I digged into this matter and yes, running on the 26th of November in this marathon is totally non-profit! You will get to exercise, enjoy some active time with hundreds of Lebanese runners and get to benefit a charity of your choice!

Some of the causes which you can run for include include The National Organization for Organ and Tissue Donation and Transplantation, BraveHeart Fund, Think Green, KunHadi, MySchoolPulse, Jeunesse Contre Drogue, Chronic Care Center, etc.! There are many and you can check the list here.

There are 8 different races : Check their description, starting time and registration fees here. I will be running in the 10 Km Fun Run - it is non-competitive, fun, you can run at your own pace, you'll enjoy the company of families and children running, you'll get to exercise and benefit the charity of your own!

The title was suggested by Lebanon Aggregator.com
Information source, photo source and if you want more info: www.beirutmarathon.org


  1. I thought the marathon association takes all the money, thanks for the causes list!