Thursday, October 13, 2011

Happy Blog-aversary to US!

Paty M's Nutrition World is celebrating its ONE year blog-aversary today!!

With 158 blog posts and 38,000 views, we have tackled various topics in this nutrition world and started to focus on more Lebanese health-related concerns later this past year but hey, there's a lot to talk about in my world, so stay tuned for a far more interesting year (and topics) to come!

Better yet, due to my blog, I got to meet many new, fun and interesting people in the Lebanese blogosphere, to which I am very thankful! So not only did my blog give me more space to "babble" more about my passion: food, health and nutrition, but it also made it possible to meet wonderful people! So thank you all, and Happy Blog-aversary!
*Illustration by the left hand, red nose illustrator : Rodrigue Harb


  1. Happy Blog anniversary WOHOOOOO some diet cake please :-p

  2. ALREADY!! i have been foloowing u for half a year and you have a very nice blog. happy blogaversry!

  3. very smooth and relaxing illustration! makes me want to have a huge cupcake =D

  4. happppyyyy blogversary!! 3a2bel el miyyeh Paty M Nutrition World!! And True! i am grateful got to meet you in person! :P:P:P