Monday, February 28, 2011

The Oscars ... & Weight Loss!

Watching the Oscars!
Great dresses, of course, which you can check live on the amazing fashion blog: The T Project!
But I can't get over Jennifer's Hudson's transition, she has lost 80 pounds or around 36 kilograms and she's looking good!

WAY TO GO Weight Watchers! 
PS: Oh and if you are a huge movies' fan,like me, I am sure you will love Anis Tabet's Let's Talk About Movies blog!
The before...

And the after...


  1. She looks wonderful now! I cant believe she lost all that weight!

  2. Yea amazing ma hek? I have to combine movies and weight loss ma fiye :p

  3. Just saw my name mentioned on ur blog :p how awesome is that ? :p haha

  4. Were you web-searching yourself anis??:p well, im a big fan so minimum :D

  5. lol nooo I wasn't doing anything of the kind :p just going thru ur blog and noticed my name :p hehe