Friday, February 11, 2011

New Syndicate for Dietitians in Lebanon

After long awaited years, the syndicate of Dietitians in Lebanon has been founded.
If interested, you can join their facebook page: Syndicate of Dietitians.

These are the official papers that you need to join the syndicate.

I'll update you soon with services provided.
For more information, contact Christelle BachiMichel GedeonSuzanne Kabrite or Sabine Dagher.


  1. merciii i had no idea!

  2. how can this syndicate helps us?

  3. Well for now they are working on making sure that Lebanese licensed dietitians are the only ones to practice this field, to provide them with medical insurance and increase the minimum wage. Now it's actually too soon to judge, that's why I indicated that I will provide you with their services as soon as they announce their goals and objectives agenda. So stay tuned so that we can both know where the syndicate is actually going!

  4. Dear Paty, I came across your blog but I had no idea we had a syndicate. Could you provide us with information on the offferings they give?

  5. dear paty ; i want to know where is the location of the syndicate of dietition in lebanon in order to contact them ?? in order to register if u can help and thanx

    1. Apologies for the very late reply.
      I can provide you with their facebook page:
      Their website:
      And their emails:
      Try to contact them through the above, I'm sure they will answer :)