Friday, February 11, 2011

Deep Fried Beer - Come Again?
Ravioli-shaped salty dough filled with beer - then deep fried at 375 degrees for 20 seconds!
Yes, they managed to invent this recipe in Texas and apparently beer pours out of the pocket when you take a bite. The Texas Alcoholic Commission ruled that one must be over the age of 21 to be able to purchase this meal.

I can't imagine this combination of refined carbs + alcohol + salt + deep frying
>> high caloric, non-nutritious, fatty, hypertension-y
>> definite recipe for chronic diseases!


  1. No no nooo that's not the point form my post hehe, it's a death recipe i should remove it lol :p

  2. yi walaw fi hek shi!? ouf that's very unhealthy

  3. O.O LOL what!? people in Texas have too much time on their hands :P I'd want to try it, just to see if it's good. But obviously it's not good for me :P

  4. haha i just saw that ur part time blogger, full time awesome hahaha i'll use this next time hahaha and yea apparently my post is intruiging people to give it, not what i intended @ all :p