Monday, August 29, 2011

Zuwwedet Aline - A Healthy Vegetarian Night in Lebanon

Aline is making us some healthy vegetarian food on the 5th of September from 8.00 pm till 11.00 pm at Tarek Booze in Gemmayze! So give yourself a break from all those trans and saturated fats, refined carbs and unhealthy meals and enjoy some delicious vegetarian food under the theme of green beans and corn!

Vegetarian diets are known to be low in saturated fats & high in fibers! The consumption of a generous supply of whole grains, legumes, nuts, fruits and vegetables provides protection against chronic diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. A plant based diet is rich in its content of health promoting factors such as the many phyto-chemicals and antioxidants. Keep in mind that, when planned well, a vegetarian diet can provide you with all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals your body needs.

So fit such nights into your schedule, you'll be doing your health a favor!
For more info, you can call Tarek Booze at 03.148890

Zuwwedet Aline poster

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