Friday, August 5, 2011

Breastfeeding Week in Lebanon

Al-Safir Website [Link]
I love it when issues as important as increasing awareness about breastfeeding are emphasized on in Lebanon. In fact I got this online article via aka @Yara_Assi who actually participated in making this event a successful one!

Spread the word about breastfeeding and provide every mom and mom-to-be with this user friendly, very beneficial Hotline: 03.824100 that provides useful information and tips about breastfeeding!


  1. Merci, i didn't know there was a hot line!My sister is having a baby is couple of month i will tell her

  2. Thank you Paty,
    and I would just like to note that the hotline is available 24/7, and it's Mme Iman El-Zein who will be answering any problem or question that might concern a breastfeeding mother or soon to be!

  3. Hello Paty!
    this is a great idea! i'm actually a Nutrition student at AUB and we're doing some research for a project about breast feeding in lebanon!
    i see you did this in 2009, have there been any modifications or updates to what you're doing? also are there any other publications about your hotline we could refer to?

    thanks, Nisrine

  4. Nisrine this was in 2011 not 2009 and you can ask Yara from Daaset Sobbat, she took part of this and is very fond about this work!
    This is her blog:
    and this is her twitter: @Yara_Assi