Sunday, August 28, 2011

"Breastfeeding Basics" Seminar

Even though breastfeeding is nature's way of providing nutritional needs for infants, the "art" of breastfeeding and the techniques may not come as naturally!
Therefore, Moms and to Be is organizing a public seminar targeting working mothers, mothers with newborns and moms to be planning to breastfeeding to provide them with credible, trust worthy information about breastfeeding basics, essentials and practical tips from a certified breastfeeding specialist!

So when and where is it?
It will be held in Sin El Fil cultural center, Lebanon on the 6th of October from 4.30 pm till 7.30 pm.

What's cooking in this seminar? 
  • Basic principles of breastfeeding
  • How to increase milk flow
  • Breastfeeding positions that are helpful for comfortable and successful lactation
  • Early hunger cues of babies
  • Babies needs of water and vitamins
  • Dad's role in the breastfeeding process
  • Feeding babies at night time
  • When to introduce bottle feeding
  • What to do if moms are sick
  • How to know if babies are getting enough milk for proper growth and development
  • The process of pumping and storing milk
  • The recommended duration for breastfeeding

The session will be fun and educational! Starting 4.00 pm, there will be a welcome coffee break and snacks will be ready for early arrivals and better yet, a special animation is foreseen for your kids all through the session! Free parking is also available at the center so for more information, contact 01.566 999!

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