Friday, March 4, 2011

Taste Lebanon - A Culinary Journey Across Lebanon

Dirty Kitchen Secrets, in collaboration with the Lebanese Ministry of Tourism, is organizing the 2nd edition of Taste Lebanon - a culinary journey across Lebanon for all the foodies out there who would love to combine tourism with food appreciation.
It will take place from April 28th till May 6th 2011.

Now what I found interesting is that this tour will be very personalized where people will be invited to Lebanese homes across the country to learn the authentic cooking techniques. 

The 7-day tour will include some of these activities, depending on seasonal variation:
  • Fish your own - boat trip
  • Harvest your own - with a short discussion on local farming
  • Demonstration on Arabic bread and Saj bread, sujuk and basterma (Armenian sausage and cured meat), Kebbe making, Baklawa and/or halewet el jebn (Lebanese sweets)
  • Kitchen workshop on Lebanese mezza (delicious range of appetizers)
  • Visits to old and new souks
  • Dairy farm visit
  • Visit to a butcher and a bakery in order to watch the process of making the Lebanese sfiha (miniature minced lamb pies)
  • Visit oil groves and olive oil pressing
  • Visit a vineyard with wine tasting
  • Visit an Arak distillery (Lebanon's national alcoholic drink - similar to ouzo and pastis)
  • Visit wild Zaatar (thyme) fields
  • Demonstration of how to make Moune like Kkshek, bulgur, awarma. etc. (traditional Lebanese food storage techniques)
Amazing and exhaustive list of foods you always see in Lebanese delicious recipes, yet you never know their origins. So it's a great way to visit Lebanon and get more acquainted with our yummy food! More details for costs, hotel, meals, detailed schedule, terms and conditions, etc. please check Dirty Kitchen Secrets (DKS).
You can also check the DKS blog for many creative recipes!

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  1. That's an awesome idea! Would love to visit the wild thyme fields and discover farming up-close! Thanks for sharing!