Sunday, March 13, 2011

St. Patrick's Day Green Cookies!

Courtesy of Taste of Beirut

It's pretty known that on March 17th,  St. Paddy's Day, you either Go Green or Go Home!

So in order to celebrate this day in a delicious crispy way, I think it's definitely fine to have something sweet. This is why I found this chocolate-minty cookies recipe which I highly recommend to check here, especially if you love the mixture crispy-chocolate sweet-refreshing minty taste!

However, you know I can't but add: A little chocolate is good for the heart, so have these cookies in moderation and try to avoid beer binge drinking on this lovely day!


  1. yiii yummy!Happy St. Paty's day!

  2. How do we prepare this ? where is the recpie :P haha :D I didn't know that there was even a cookie for st Patrick day looks yum

  3. Krik!! well it's in the "check here" in the post:p bas here you go:

  4. Nice way to celebrate saint Patrick's day!honestly I love cookies!