Friday, March 4, 2011

Roadster Diner Goes Light

Roadster Diner in Lebanon introduced a new light menu section of burgers & sandwiches!
These include beef grilled patties & chicken breasts for burgers and sandwiches of either chicken, tuna, turkey and beef filet. This is great news for those who are watching their diets and figures because all these items contain less than 500 calories, served with vegetables in brown breads and buns!

I loved the Fit n' Burger made with grilled patty, rocket leaves, grilled onions, grilled tomatoes, grilled fresh mushrooms and their light sauce served in a mutli-cereal brown bun.Yum yum! 

Now calories and health aside,I have one tiny note:
Should all light/healthy meals in Lebanon be really that expensive? This is probably a very important aspect to tackle. I mean if you saw the same burger in a menu:
  • The first considered as unhealthy and dipped in saturated fat, luring you with extra mayo, bacon and cheese
  • And the second is all grilled, healthy in brown bread - BUT - around 5000 LL more expensive??
It's not that we can't afford it, it's more like making it impossible for people to make healthier and lighter choices without making them pay extra for it!


  1. I also loved the Fit N Burger, it was amazing ! I Agree healthier options are always more expensive, even at the supermarket brown bread and light, organic items come at a higher price-points. I guess that is normal, as a better quality of ingredients is used.

  2. Well yea it's true but when someone sees that they could get a burger dripped in mayo & all with fries on the side for the same price of one healthy burger with nothing on the side, it is kind of hard to make them go for the healthier choice, i mean for the 13000 they r asking for, i could kind of expect a salad or small griled/baked potatoes on the side, no? :p

  3. Dear Paty,

    We would sincerely like to thank you for your feedback regarding the Low-Cal menu. It is always great to get an expert's feedback :)

    Regarding your feedback concerning our prices, let us assure you that Rd uses prime quality custom made items, such as the brown bun for the burger, or our very special light Homestyle sauce. It is unfortunate, but light items used for the light menu do cost more. On a side note, when it comes to a dine in option, all our Low-Cal items are served with a side salad.

    We sincerely hope to see you in our branches soon, and hope that you will enjoy the rest of the items from our Low-Cal menu.

    Rd team

  4. Totally agree about the price. Why is healthy food more expensive? hmmpf
    I haven't tried the light menu yet, although I read some choices and they sound good. I'll let you know what I think once I try them :)

  5. I am sure that brown/light/healthier types of food are more expensive but my concern focused more that those who wish to follow a lighter diet will find it more difficult when unhealthier options are cheaper. So when they are faced by "what they want" versus "what is healthier" it'll be more challenging with this difference in price!

  6. i agree hiye mech oset eza good quality, akid they are, bas be sir lwa7ad tempted yekhod shi unhealthy la2ano arkhas

  7. Dear Paty & Eliane & Alien,

    Once again thank you for your feedback.

    We also wish that the healthier items in the market would be cheaper so that when faced by "what they want?" versus "what is healthier?" it would be less challenging for our guests to choose :)

    By the way, check out Rd's regular menu, where we also happen to have light items, that are similar in price to the rest of the menu items. For example: Tuna light, Lemon Turkey, Field Greens, Rocca Chill...

    Have a lovely light day,
    Rd Team