Wednesday, October 17, 2012

3 Food & Health Events I'm Attending this Month

There are 3 events I will definitely be attending this upcoming month - all about food, nutrition, health and cooking!

To start with, the In Shape Fair is in just couple of days. You can find diet companies, healthy programs and fit outings that have to do with nutrition, health and exercise! The best part in this fair, for me of course, is Radical's 3 hours of exercise that will take place on Saturday form 2 till 5.30 pm! Sure the live cooking is yum in this fair, but during this event, you actually exercise with Radical's team, with your friends and with everyone there! This takes place every year and is super fun! Just make sure to go dressed very sporty from head to toe, you'll burn off tons of calories on their excellent beats!

** You can check more about this fair on their website, its program and In Shape's facebook page as well!

The 2nd event I'm looking forward too is Pasta Making!!
Well we usually get our pasta dried and packed, straight from the supermarket so this will be the excellent opportunity to actually make this delicious meal from scratch!
I think Souk El Tayeb and Mira aim to celebrate World Pasta Day that happens to take place on the 25th of October, so it's a great idea to barge in, make me some pasta and have it too!

** You can check more about Souk El Tayeb and their delicious events on their facebook page and their website.

The 3rd yum event this month is the Beirut Cooking Festival! Here you'll get to know more about fine dining, exquisite cooking and super talented chefs in Lebanon! Needless to say, this festival gathers celebrity chefs who give you workshops on delicious recipes and show you how the pro's do them! They also offer wine and olive tasting sessions. The fun part are the cooking competitions they hold and the best one is the beautiful cookbooks corner they have!

** You can check more about this yum festival on their facebook page, their brochure and their website!


  1. 3refet 3an inshape w cooking bas pasta is new to me, shaklo 7elou

  2. Hello,
    Amazing blog you got here! Actually I am contacting you as I need an advice on where can I find nutrition facts providers here in Lebanon.
    I work at NGO that supports rural women products and we need to find the nutrition facts for these products in order to set their labels according to the right regulations for export.

    Please if you know about any company that provide this service let me know.

    Many thanks in advance,