Monday, June 25, 2012

More Exercise Benefits!

Exercise has been long known to help in weight loss by increasing your metabolic syndrome, aiding your cells to burn more! Exercise also decreases fat mass while increasing muscle mass, all which help you to burn even at rest. There are countless ways exercise can benefit your psyche, heart and body!

> It can maintain stronger bones
> Boost your mood, self esteem as well as overall satisfaction with life
> Help you sleep better
> Enhance your memory
> Improve clear thinking
> Reorganizes the brain to be more resilient to stress
> Control blood pressure
> Slow progress of Alzheimer's
> Aid in boosting the good kinda cholesterol
> Promote glucose uptake into cells thus aiding diabetes
> In the treatment and prevention of depression
> To aid in anxiety disorder
> Boost your immune system against future cancers
> Affects fat storage on the genetic level
> Oddly enough, it helps in preventing losing your sense of smell
> Decrease constipation by promoting intestinal peristalsis

> All while promoting better breathing techniques and pumping blood to all your tissues!
> Oh and affecting your genetic composition  

More exercise benefits were recently discovered this year! Exercise may increase the secretion of a new 'exercise hormone', Irisin!

Irisin can help in transforming white fat cells into brown ones. So what? The point is that brown fat cells are typically found in small amounts in adults while they're common in babies and children. The role of brown fat tissues is to promote energy burning while fat cells promote fat storage! So when you exercise, your body secretes Irisin hormone, transforms white fat into metabolically active brown fat, consequently, increasing fat burning for longer!

On another note, just a little bit of exercise may push your liver to produce hormones that boost HDL (the good kind of cholesterol) production, hence, benefiting your cardiovascular system!

So have an active lifestyle, ditch the laziness, TVs, computers & video games and commit to an exercise you love at least 3 times a week for a whole hour!

Photo source: Exercise


  1. True enough, we can come up with a long list of positive reasons why we should exercise. It is given that it would improve our health and our appearance, but we should also consider that exercise can be a social activity too. This is a good way to bond with your family and your friends. By doing so, you can also unleash the competitive side in you.

  2. Having a regular exercise routine would make our organs function better and strengthen our immune system that would protect us from getting sick. It is also advisable to support your activities with food supplements and vitamins. Those would help us increase our stamina and promote muscle growth.

  3. Very well written, concise and very up to date.. thx you!

  4. Exercise has forever been the ticket to a physically fit and toned body, and with these new discoveries it only gets better. Reading about the health benefits of exercise really encourages me to exercise regularly. I hope that more people will do as well. More brown fat cells for all of us!

  5. Exercising has multiple benefits for our mind and body. Doing regular exercises can boost the immune system and normalize the flow of blood and air in our organs. Your breathing pattern will improve. Generally, exercising is an activity that will make you feel better, give you health benefits, and allow you to have fun.

    Celia Maciomhair

  6. I so agree with this! I’ve been doing body exercises for almost 4 years now, and I can gladly say that I always feel happier, healthier, and younger! :D Now, I’m trying out yoga. My girl friend has introduced it to me, and I think I enjoy it! =)

  7. Totally agree, thank you for the source listing