Monday, June 11, 2012

Excess Fruit Intake - Is it Okay?

Summer time in Lebanon is known for all the fruits in the world, coming to season all together in the same time! I have literally seen all these fruits offered wherever I went just this past week! From loquats, blackberries, green plums, apricots, cherries, strawberries, cantaloupes, watermelons, peaches, plums and [I'm sure] soon to pomegranates and grapes, I have seen them all!

But is there such a thing as too much fruit intake?
Fruits are considered healthy snacks, and yes, they definitely are. They are high in fibers, high in water and nutrient rich - compared to any other kind of snack you might take [not veggies, though]. Nevertheless, excess intake of fruit is not recommended
For adults, an average of 2 servings per day of fruits [fruit recommendations & what 1 serving of fruit actually is] is only what you need!

But why?
Fruits contain fructose and truth is, our bodies cannot tolerate excess amounts of fructose - 25 grams is our limit. When we eat sugar, our bodies' response is to secrete the hormone insulin, which enables the absorption of this sugar into your cells. Consequently, this sends the brain that you've had enough, and now it's now to stop eating > thus reducing your appetite!
This cue that you are full is bypassed with foods rich in fructose. Fructose does not trigger this insulin response so your brain doesn't get the message to stop!

Of course, foods with high corn fructose syrup (HCFS) [fizzy drinks, sodas, candies, cereals, syrups, desserts] are way worse than fructose from fresh fruits. But this does not mean that if fruits are considered healthy, then they're free food!

If you are eating fruits (unconsciously in excess/more than what you burn), this might increase your appetite such that you will ask for more food! Focus on balancing your entire diet and watch out because fruits are everywhere and we tend to overeat them!, So even fruits that are considered healthy should be taken in moderation, best in their fresh form!


  1. Hi!
    Loved your "fruitful" post. I did not know about fructose not triggering the message to stop. That explains it ;).
    Thank you for educating us in a fun way.

  2. Yes i second your idea
    i have been advocating about moderation, even in healthy foods
    Excess in anything is still excess
    Beautiful post

    Daisy, UK

  3. mazboot, yesterday my mom 7atteit batikh w karaz w mechmoch w dera2 kelon after lunch w 2akalna kteer!!

  4. Liked your post, although i have a fruit Addiction////

    but it's hard to balance especially in Summer time

    1. Nariman Al-QotbiJune 25, 2012 at 1:57 PM

      I am like Eliane too because there are many good fruit in summer in lebanon