Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Paty's Hearty Meals

Since it's our first year anniversary next month, yes it's been a year already,we're launching a new category in our blog called "Paty's Hearty Meals".

What happened is that I've noticed that eating outside in Lebanon is quite the fuss! Almost everyone who is trying to lose weight or fix their dietary habits avoids eating outside or ends up ruining his/her healthier habits if they do, mainly because they think food everywhere is fattening, with lots of fats or sugar.

This is particularly true- Yes food in restaurants is dipped in fats and sugar, but I'm "faithful" that somewhere in that menu, I will find that healthy meal which you and I can enjoy, guilt-free. So every month, or twice per month, I'll be visiting casual Lebanese restaurants, where friends and family go out just to hang, and I will choose a healthy meal they offer, take pictures, ask about means of cooking and ingredients and estimate how many calories, saturated fat, cholesterol, sugar, sodium, etc. are actually in this particular meal. I will also mention if I did any modifications to that meal, so if I substituted a dressing or a type of bread for another, I will sure mention what and why I did it.

We all love and enjoy food, so this section will be helpful for everyone in Lebanon, whether for people who are trying to lose weight, watch their figures, regulate their cholesterol or triglycerides levels or simply, people who just want to have a light meal!

So if you have any suggestions, ideas or feedback that will make this new section better and more beneficial for all of us, I would love to hear them!

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  1. Awesome idea, waiting for the new section :D

  2. salbeee pat!! akid good becz always bdi3!

  3. Jayde Jedan ya patpouttta!!

  4. rah t2oulilna $$$$?

  5. Well i won't get paid, ill just mention foods that i consider healthy and i think ill mention how much each meal costs, this way they would be comparable