Saturday, November 13, 2010

7 Patties in One Whopper - I mean Really?

In what may be the strangest and totally terrible for any weight loss plan, well actually not weight loss, any "life" plan, Burger King and Microsoft teamed up to create a seven-patty Whopper to mark the release of its new Windows 7 operating system!

This mammoth burger contains more than 2200 calories and went on sale in Japan outlets. The hamburger contains SEVEN patties and measure 13 cm in height! It was originally planned to be available for only 7 days but due to its success in selling 6000 sandwiches within the first 4 days, BK decided to extend the promotion.
“I need to shower after holding it in my hands,” said one customer, Kyoko Yamamoto, after merely trying to get a grip on the sandwich. “Grease is running down my arms,” she added. “There is no way you could eat that!”
This is by far the worst promotional idea. Let's hope BK is not crazy enough to bring it here - I mean really, we already have enough junk food in town!

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