Monday, November 1, 2010

Maths Your Diet Out!

Maths is complex with all its arithmetic calculations. Well, what if you ought to calculate your diet? 
We will start by the basic rule:
Each 3500 Kcal of food would increase your weight by 0.5 kg.
So if we eat extra 100 Kcal/day à this would lead to increase of 4 ½ kg per year!

All of these are numbers and numbers that are making your head spin.
But what if you wanted to know what these really meant??
Convert them to food.
In other meaning, in order not to gain weight, “calories in” should equal “calories out”; that is what you eat should be burned.
But what is this 100 Kcal I am talking about? It could be from:
  • The extra cheese you add in your sandwich
  • A cocktail sauce you put on your salad or dip your shrimps in
  • Frying lean meat instead of grilling
  • Frost topping on your cake
  • Choosing whole fat milk instead of skimmed
  • Adding alcohol to a juice drink
  • Mayonnaise dip with chicken or fish

These might seem tiny decisions that you say “What the heck, let’s go for it!”
Well no, they all build up and accumulate and suddenly, all you see if that extra kilogram you just earned around your belly.
So as a start, choose simple yet very effective ways to decrease extra unneeded calories in your diet and 2nd, you can begin light consistent exercise. You can increase physical activity gradually; it will sure help you burn calories, stay healthy, fresh, alert and even happy.
So mathematically, we can conclude that:
[Physical activity] x [healthy diet] = maintenance of good weight & great health!

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