Monday, June 10, 2013

Next Sunday: Shall I Go Cherry-Picking or Biking from Nakoura to Tyr?

I usually go hiking on Sundays! Not only is it considered a good workout for at least 4 hours on a weekend while connecting with the green, sun, birds, flies and butterflies around, but it's also a breath of fresh air from all the work, noise, cars, cities and pollution. It is quite rare that I skip a Sunday hike, unless it's heavily raining during winter, but when summer is here, some events just tingle my interest!

So this coming weekend, the 16th of June, I'm lost. It's basically a day with friends and/or family. Last Saturday was kinda easy: Morning run followed by Souk El Tayeb's market & lunch and then an afternoon swim.

I have visited Souk El Tayeb's Saturday's market few times now as well as their authentic Lebanese restaurant, Tawlet, and I must admit that is full of fresh deliciousness from home-made jams, labne balls immersed in olive oil, Lebanese pantry, pickled olives with almonds, home-made cakes to rose water and organic fresh fruit and vegetables... you name it! And what I admire the most is that all the food has this 'teta-has-been-here' feel in them!

You'll find the freshest organic fruit and vegetables
Some seriously appealing radishes
All kinds of greens from Swiss chard, spinach, scallions, mint, parsley, coriander... I love those!
Of course, delicious red cherries
Home-made cakes - This lady, Nada Saber, has some good brownies!
And my favorite, Coara's whole-wheat wild green pies!

So the point is, Souk El Tayeb is known for its seasonal events that support Lebanese produce from olive oil tasting, tabboule day, apple picking, to figs from Kfour...

And this coming Sunday, it's cherry picking time!

Cherries are one my favorite tarty fruits and they are in season around this time of year in Lebanon! So this upcoming Sunday, 16th of June, I can be hiking, rappelling and cherry picking all while enjoying some Lebanese dabke and having traditional Lebanese food. Best part is that this event includes both eating good food and physical activity in nature. This way I'll have my cake and eat it too!


On the other hand, though it's the first time I hear about SPACE Outdoor, their biking and swimming trip seems to interest me a lot! My friend forwarded me this poster and I was hooked. Cycling along Naqoura's sky-blue beaches, touring Tyr with its phenomenal culture and then relaxing on warm [clean] sand beaches while enjoying some entertainment games! Looks like a winner trip to me, if only I wasn't lost on which to choose!

So what would you go for??


  1. UR RIGHT! this does look like a tough choice - I'm more leaning towards the cherry event bcz it looks like a more "rare" event - i'm heading there this sunday, who knows? Might get to meet u personally! enjoy ur weekend either way! :)

    1. Yea I'm leaning towards cherry picking too, I love tree climbing, still have time to think though. And thanks for dropping by!!

  2. Replies
    1. Hehe seems like everyone is cheering for the karaz event, thanks!!

  3. ماشاالله سوق الطيب شكلو يجنن!!

  4. Replies
    1. I'd have to go alone eza biking cz everyone wants cherry picking :p

  5. We are monday shou 3melti? Ana kent ro7t bicycling