Friday, November 11, 2011

Cancer Risk, Lowered By Diet!

“You are what you eat”. We have all heard that saying from time to time, but do we realize the truth inherent in it? When it comes to health, it cannot be over stated. Cancer, one of the leading causes of death in the U.S. has been tied to diet. Recent studies show that food intake plays a significant part in 30% of all cancer diagnoses. As certain foods can help fight cancer risk and others cause for a rise in it, food intake is one of the most important factors in cancer prevention
When eating, it is important to determine whether the food you are eating is promoting or discouraging cancer development. The most harmful foods are usually those that are the least natural. As many cancer causing agents are found in chemicals present in food additives, less natural food is more prone to promoting cancer. Natural foods may not be as colorful or stay on the shelf as long as others, but they are important nonetheless. One other food linked to cancer is red meats. Red meat, with its high amount of animal fat is known to highly correlate with cancer diagnosis. The toxins and carcinogens found in animal fat may have a lot to do with this. Understandably, many will still eat red meat; however, cutting back and replacing it with other leaner proteins such as fish and poultry will help reduce cancer risk.
Fruits and vegetables are essential
to help in decreasing your cancer risk!
Foods with naturally occurring flavonoids and antioxidants have shown the ability to curb cancer development. In nature, flavonoids keep plants alive. Often found in bitter foods such as coffee, dark chocolate as well as many citrus fruits, flavonoids may actually slow down tumor growth. Along with them, antioxidants have been shown to help limit cancer development. Found in fruits and vegetables antioxidants as well as vitamins Band C have been shown to inhibit growth of a number of cancers such as gastric cancer and pleural mesothelioma. If you are looking for a cancer-free diet, natural fruits and vegetables are definitely the way to go. 
To recap, in order to maintain a cancer-free diet, one merely needs to maintain a natural, healthy, fruit and vegetable-heavy diet. While taking action to improve your diet is not a guarantee to remain cancer-free, it definitely won’t hurt your chances, and hey, I bet you’ll feel better and maybe lose a little weight too.

This post is a guest post by Leroy Templeton

Leroy Templeton is a recent college graduate from the University of Central Florida. He majored in English and was involved in several health and fitness clubs including the sports medicine team. He has always been fascinated by the body and has been looking to promote the benefits of living a healthy and active lifestyle.

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  3. Hello Paty!
    My name is Bilal and I'm a 17 y.o fellow Lebanese blogger, I've been on a high-raw vegan diet since a while now and it's good to read about all the benefits eating raw fruits and vegetables can provide :D

  4. Ooh im actually writing a post about purely vegan diet, no meat, fish, chicken, poultry or even dairy products and where u can actually buy such 100% vegan foods in Lebanon to ensure a complete diet, bas ya3ne it's taking quite some time with me!! will post it around March maybe!