Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It's About Time to Rethink the Food Label!

Nutrition facts label, the rectangular box of information outlining the calories, serving size, and percent daily values you see on the back of packaged food products, can be time consuming and does actually require you to be a pro - or at least to be a health fanatic - to bother yourself in reading them.
In fact, the food label has had the same format for 20 years now! Unfortunately, some foods in Lebanon still don't carry that health label grid you yearn to find when you turn the food package around looking for it! And when, at some point, you read it once or twice attempting to check whether what you are about to munch is healthy or not, you end up lost in what all those names and mathematical numbers and percentages really mean!
So because "confusion affects the way we eat", could a new label format help people in choosing healthier and more nutritious types of foods and thus alleviating the rising prevalence of obesity & associated chronic diseases like diabetes type 2, hypertension and cardiovascular diseases??

"We need clear, consistent, front-of-the-package labels that give people the information they've been asking for , in a format that they understand." , says Michelle Obama.
Sooo it's time to rethink the food label and thus the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is in the process of revising the nutritional facts label.

Click here to check ALL the new redesigns created by nutritionists and customers - by the people & for the people - who are aiming to change the old format to a better, more user-friendly one!

Even if you are not a health care professional or a dietitian, you're going to be reading this label on a food which you will be consuming! So go through them because there are more than 60 new designs & VOTE for what you think we need to better understand what that whole label is talking about!
* Results should be in by the 25th of July!

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  1. This proposed new nutrition fact labels will certainly provide a definite and clearer view of information for the consumers. Thus, it helps them to understand more of the importance of each product. Well, it can be as confusing at first, but consumers will get used to it in the long run. This will help increase the society’s awareness of the health benefits of the food they’re consuming every day.