Thursday, December 2, 2010

Elmo Teams Up With "Superfoods"

No wonder that the media has a huge effect on kids’ choices of food preferences: they always have sparkling lollipops and colorful characters advertising a chocolate.
But starting December 8th, in just few days, the Sesame Workshop, associated with Sesame Street which we have all watched at some point of our lives, is rolling out FOUR new muppets!
·        A banana
·        A low fat cheese
·         A whole wheat bun
·        A stalk of broccoli
So as you see, each member represents a group food!
This is all as a part of a national initiative to support families who don’t have access to nutritious food thus alleviating food insecurity.

These new muppets, given the name “Superfoods”, will start off their “career” in a clip that aims to emphasize the importance of healthy snacks, eating breakfast and dining together as a family and sharing a meal together. It also shows Elmo trying new foods more than once to see if he loves them.

The exact scenario goes likes this: “The Super Foods help out by providing healthy tips, suggesting Elmo tries some of his kiwi to see if he'll like it or helping the Bear Family see that a meal together is the best way to get together. Although Super Grover finds them a nuisance, they end up helping him gain some super strength by eating some breakfast.”

Now since the show reaches around 17 million kids in the country, teaching smart budgeting skills in order to adapt a healthy and balanced lifestyle is a wonderful and effective idea.

You can read more on Health Land and Muppet Wikia.


  1. Hi Paty,

    I was just getting ready to make a post on this too :) I think it is great that Sesame Street is trying to entice children to make healthier choices! I just wish they would have called them something else like Healthy Brigade or Healthy Healers, instead of using the term "supperfoods."

  2. I actually loved the idea too,it's always good to use the media in favor of health - not like it's often used for; however, I think they went with "Superfoods" because kids are always fascinated with super heroes, so as cliché as it may sound, it's really catchy for them. Hopefully it'll work :)