Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Food and Nutrition Blogs in Lebanon

We made it to the top 101 blog list in Lebanon based on Blog!
Now the best part out of all this is the enormously beautiful list of Lebanese Blogs these peeps have gathered in one place - even describing every single blog and the topics it tackles.

Nevertheless, we at Paty M's Nutrition World know many Food, Cooking, Nutrition and Health Blogs that haven't been mentioned there and that are even better than this blog, humbly! So we decided to make our own tiny list of interesting, delicious, healthy [sometimes not - but still yummy] blogs that love food in any way whatsoever!

Nutrition and Health Blogs

Strawberry Blu

Health n' Horizons
Point a la ligne
Nourish Body and Mind
Eat Like Mira
Eat Light Tonight
Tea Calls
Ghi Nutrileaks
Eat like a Dietitian
New Trends in Nutrition
Pearl's Powder
Dietitian Sara

Delicious Cuisine Blogs

Dirty Kitchen Secrets
The Food Blog
Taste of Beirut
Anissa Helou
Phatima's Box
Cook in 5 square meters
No Garlic No Onions
Confetti Blues
Rose Water and Orange Blossoms
Leelouz World
Permanent Hunger
Maya' s Ingredients
Chicho's Kitchen
My Culinary Journey through Lebanon
My Fresh Levant
Mama's Lebanese Kitchen
Dima Sharif
Alice's Kitchen Cookbook
Will Travel For Food
Hommus w Tabbouli

** The list is in random order. It will start modest and will expand with time, so fill us in with any food blog, written by a blogger from Libano, so that we can give them credit for loving and appreciating good food!


  1. You should check

  2. I like that you piled up good blogs. It will take me time but i want to check them kilon!

  3. Check health w fitness

  4. Thank you so much Paty for the mention! I haven't been blogging for ages and it's good to be active again in the blogosphere. Congrats on the nomination and you got my vote for sure. All the best!!

    1. Your blog is one my best, always credible!

  5. Kamen, i love her food adventures

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  7. Done! All the suggestions checked and added :) Thanks and keep them coming!


  9. Hey Paty! We also have a whole section dedicated to food now too! Our cooking show is called Something's Cooking in Beirut and we'd love to hear your feedback. Cheers and love from 2famous.TV

  10. Wow, I am really honored to be mentioned along with all these amazing blogs.Glad to have found you too!

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  13. Thank you Paty for mentioning us,! We really love your blog-- so professional and yet so passionate about food and nutrition! We'll make sure to mention you in our fave blog list in the future, all the best! :)